The Perfect Wedding Gift

 What do you get for the couple that has everything?  This past April, my partner of 7 years and I got legally wed.  We had decided to go to New York, just the two of us, visit the courthouse and get the license.  Then the family stepped in.  They would have none of that.  

And so the real wedding plans began…a date was picked to coincide with spring break so all of the family could attend. Washington D.C. was the city of choice – Cherry Blossoms – here we come!  Outfits were purchased, tickets bought and hotel rooms reserved.  The final count, 27, for our “destination wedding,” fifteen immediate family members and 10 close friends.   Then we planned a full-on party upon our return. It was magical.  

                 Leanne (left) and Allison (right)

When it came time to register for gifts, we were fortunate that we did not need (nor want) a typical mountain of home-building presents, because we felt we had already established our home together as a couple. So, what did we register for so friends could celebrate our wedded bliss? We asked for their voices. We registered with the I Do Foundation and chose 4 of our favorite charities: SOJOURN, a counseling center, an animal rescue charity and a Middle East peace organization. While today, gay marriage was an easy transition for our families (due in large part to SOJOURN,) stepping away from the idea of a traditional wedding gift apparently was not.  We still received picture frames and cookware, but thankfully raised over $1000 for the good work going on in the world!

leanne 1.png

In the end, we got exactly what we hoped for: the love and support of our family and friends. If you have this hard gift decision to make, your love and support is all that is needed. (Now to figure out where to put this cookware?)


Leanne Rubinstein is the current president of SOJOURN's Advisory Board and a happy newlywed.

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