LGBT-Inclusive Israeli Organizations Worth Your Support

We encourage the support of these non-profits* who share similar or related missions to SOJOURN.  This is an abbreviated list and we invite you to add more in the comments. Click on the title of each agency for more information.

* Some of the links will take you "friends of" page or Facebook when there are no English versions of the organzational page.


The Aguda - The Israeli National LGBT Task Force 

The ‘Aguda’, the National Association of LGBT in Israel, is Israel’s pioneer lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organization. The Aguda is a national grassroots, volunteer-based, non-profit human-rights organization representing the LGBT community. The Aguda promotes and advances new initiatives and cultivate leadership and partnership with all sectors and groups within the community.  The Aguda strives for full equality for gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people. They also aspire to create a public and social climate of acceptance and respect for the LGBT community and for its individual members.

The Jerusalem Open House

The Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance (JOH) is a leading organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people and their allies in the heart of Jerusalem. As a grassroots, activist community center, we provide direct services to all LGBTQ individuals in Jerusalem and its surrounding communities, while working to secure LGBTQ rights in Israeli society at large. With a constituency as diverse as the city itself, the JOH transcends political, ethnic and religious boundaries to build and unite a community in pursuit of the common goal of tolerance and mutual support.

A Wider Bridge

A Wider Bridge builds connection to Israel among LGBT Jews and non-Jews in the U.S. through programming that focuses on bringing LGBT people into meaningful and thoughtful connection with Israel and LGBT Israelis.  Our programs create opportunities for education, engagement and experience, and include travel, speakers and discussions, cultural events, online resources, advocacy and philanthropy.

Israel Gay Youth

IGY operates about 40 social and support groups that meet weekly in 20 communities throughout Israel. The groups’ central goal is to provide a welcoming environment where youth can freely express thoughts and feelings concerning sexual orientation and gender identity. Teen groups explore sexual and gender identity development and formation, coming-out issues and school environment issues. Young adult groups focus on issues regarding military service, academic studies, leaving home and personal independence. This process fosters a sense of empowerment, motivates social activism and develops young leadership.


Ma’avarim for the Trans community, is an organization that was established with the goal to empower and support members of the trans community, facilitating both personal and social change. Using an innovative approach to trauma within marginalized communities, and burnout among activsts, “Ma’avarim” aims to bring about positive change in our society, our communities, and in the life of each and every one of us.


Hoshen — Education and Change — is the education and information center of the LGBT community in Israel. It is a nationwide, non-profit volunteer organization whose purpose is to fight stereotypes regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. Hoshen is officially recognized by the Educational Psychological Autority (SHEFI) of the Israeli Ministry of Education.


TEHILA is a registered non-profit organization that provides support by parents, for parents who have children in the gay community. TEHILA supports the parents and families of lesbians, gay men, transgender persons and bisexuals (LGTB).

Bat Kol

Bat Kol – the Religious Lesbian Organization – is a growing community building new pathways for fulfilling and celebrating both religious and lesbian identities, making it possible for women to live in loving relationships and raise children within the context of traditional Judaism and the larger religious community. Working in collaboration with a diverse group of Orthodox Rabbis, Professors, community members and friends, Bat Kol aspires to promote and sponsor education for tolerance and the acceptance of difference within the religious community and society at large.


Havruta was founded to assist Orthodox and other observant Jewish gays. Our organization offers a social and support network for religious LGBT people in Israel. Beyond being a safe haven, our organization also actively work to inform and educate the religious public about LGBT issues in their communities. Through the work of our organization, some religious leaders are now boldly speaking publicly and freely about LGBT issues.  Educators and counselors now turn to our organization for guidance and information. Through outreach and education we aim to break down stereotypes, and encourage a religious culture that is tolerant and understanding.

(SOJOURN's assistant director, Robbie Medwed, was one of the founding members of Havruta.)

New Family

New Family has distinguished itself as the leading family rights advocates in Israel. New Family fills a crucial gap in the theory and practice of law and human rights, by working for equal rights for families in Israel, including the rights to marry, divorce, have children, register spouses and children, and conduct family life free of religious coercion regardless of religion, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or status.


Hopefully, this educates you on the vast (and often under supported) network of LGBT Israeli organizations and might even inspire you to learn more and offer your support.