SOJOURN is proud to offer a variety of educational activities and experiences. Our workshops  focus on giving students, teachers, and communities the tools to be welcoming for gender and sexually diverse people, Judaic learning, and suicide prevention. Each of our workshops is customized for your individual group, needs, and time commitment.

SOJOURN staff and volunteers expertly model creating safe spaces to facilitate and discuss challenging topics, guided by Jewish learning and scientific data.


EDGE (Early development for Gender Equity)

EDGE engages religious & preschools in synagogues, day schools, and community programs to develop goals for and lead discussions with that institution or community on the effects of gender stereotypes and their ability to counteract gender bias in the classroom and at home. The multi-faceted program includes games, stories, art, film, and song to address the infinite possibilities of gender equity.

On Gender and Sexual Diversity: Learning the Tools Needed to Become an Ally ("GSD 101")

Our "GSD 101" workshop provides participants with accurate definitions of terms related to sexual orientation and gender identity, and increases participants' comfort level when using terms related to sexual orientation and gender identity. Discussion areas include stereotypes, discrimination, micro-aggressions, and the progression of how hate grows. Participants learn how every day actions can create (or destroy) a sense of welcoming and comfort for our friends, family, and communities.

 Defining an Ally: "If I Am Only for Myself" & Taking Action

Becoming an ally can be a challenging - and scary - undertaking. Participants will learn the skills necessary to speak out against homophobia and transphobia both in public and private while exploring the ways they can change their communities for the better. Participants will use real-life scenarios to create strategies to effectively bring about change. These scenarios and situations are tailored to fit individual groups and communities.

Homosexuality and Judaic Text

The Torah is traditionally understood to condemn sexual relations between men and has long been used as a weapon against GSD people of all kinds. Using biblical, talmudic, and contemporary texts, participants will compare traditional and changing attitudes & ideas towards homosexuality while diving deep into the meaning of the legal proscriptions and prohibitions.

Love and Support: Preventing Suicide in the GSD Community

The statistics surrounding GSD suicide and self-harm are both scary and shocking. Using elements of the award winning Sources of Strength curriculum and SOJOURN's own expertise, participants will learn how to combat the challenges GSD people face every day. The purpose of this session is not crisis intervention, rather, it is prevention. This session focuses on the steps communities, schools, synagogues, and camps can take to ensure that they create a welcoming space wherein all people feel comfortable sharing their true feelings - even those that are challenging or difficult to discuss.

What Now? Our Welcoming Communities Program

We hope you'll find our programs so meaningful and impactful that you'll want to take the next steps. For us, that means entering your synagogue, school, or community into our Welcoming Communities Program. Learn more about the Welcoming Communities Program here.