SOJOURN Announces New Mission, Board Expansion, and Three-Year Strategic Plan


SOJOURN’s new three-year plan includes a new mission and expansion of its Board of Directors


Atlanta, Georgia - After three years of success, the Southern Jewish Resource Network for Gender & Sexual Diversity (SOJOURN) announced a new strategic plan to guide the organization’s growth through the next three years. The strategic plan, approved by the board this week, better defines SOJOURN’s mission, vision, and values while also creating a roadmap for continued growth and expansion. 

The strategic plan was created using a participatory planning process designed to maximize the knowledge, skills, and passion of SOJOURN’s leadership volunteers. “SOJOURN has been lucky to have a strong network of volunteers representing the Jewish community, the LGBTQ community, and many others. This truly has been a community-wide endeavor,” said Leanne Rubenstein, SOJOURN Board President.

Community participation represented an important voice in the planning process, and the work group conducted phone interviews with numerous key stakeholders, organizational partners, community organizations, donors, and board members. “The board and work group members demonstrated passion, commitment, and leadership throughout the strategic planning process,” noted consultant Dolph Goldenburg, “and this commitment will continue as they implement the plan over the next several years.” Goldenburg guided SOJOURN through the stratgic planning process.

The strategic plan unveils SOJOURN’s new mission statement: Advancing LGBTQ affirmation and empowerment across the South. It also includes a new vision statement: We envision LGBTQ inclusive communities inspired by Jewish and universal values.

Programmatic highlights of the plan include expanding the Welcoming Communities Project, bringing SOJOURN’s powerful LGBTQ suicide prevention programs to more communities across the South, and creating new educational workshops focusing on transgender experiences for community leaders, youth professionals, clergy, and others.

The plan also outlines a strategy for strengthening the board’s impact and enhancing SOJOURN’s fundraising goals. Remarked SOJOURN’s Executive Director, Rebecca Stapel-Wax, “Our efforts will reach more people at a deeper level because of this comprehensive and focused plan. Expanding our Board of Directors from 8 people to 15 will ensure more community and geographic representation.”



The Southern Jewish Resource Network for Gender and Sexual Diversity advances LGBTQ affirmation and empowerment across the South. Through workshops, training sessions, social outreach programs and advocacy work inspired by Jewish and universal ethics and ideals, SOJOURN promotes increased understanding and acceptance of individuals across the entire spectrum of gender and sexual orientation.


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Robbie Medwed

Robbie Medwed began working with SOJOURN when it was known as The Rainbow Center as a volunteer in 2008. He served as chair of the TRC Advisory Board and as co-chair of Purim off Ponce (2010, 2011) before moving into his current role as Assistant Director, where he oversees SOJOURN's educational programming and outreach, including our award-winning workshops and training seminars. Robbie holds a master's degree in Jewish education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has written curricula and nationally-recognized inclusive programs for the Marcus JCC of Atlanta, BBYO, USY, Camp Ramah, the Jewish Teen Funders Network, Babaganewz, and JewishGPS. Robbie is also a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and cyclist. Robbie can be reached at