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GSD-Friendly Passover Resources and Articles

[LINK] The Orange on the Seder Plate, From The Jewish Daily Forward

Strangers told me they placed an orange on their Seder plate because of an incident in Miami Beach in which a man angrily denounced me when I gave a lecture, saying that a woman belongs on the bimah of a synagogue no more than an orange belongs on the Seder plate.

That incident never happened! My idea of the orange was attributed to a man, and my goal of affirming lesbians and gay men was erased.

That it happened to me makes me realize all the more how important it is to recognize how deep and strong patriarchy remains, and how important it is for us to celebrate the contributions of gay and lesbian Jews, and all those who need to be liberated from marginality to centrality. And Passover is the right moment to ensure freedom for all Jews.



Passover is about freedom. But when it comes to the seder, many of us are lost. This website is a resource for Jews of all backgrounds to make the Haggadah that finally feels meaningful for a contemporary seder, with unique perspectives gathered from individuals worldwide.

Whatever your background, invites you to find your place in the Passover conversation through the seder's central text, the haggadah. Now you can access classical texts and contemporary interpretations to create a more personalized Passover experience. 



[DOWNLOAD] The GLBT-Focused Passover Haggadah created by [LINK] JQ International.

From the JQI Website:  

The GLBT Haggadah integrates GLBT Passover traditions within the spirit of the traditional Passover experience. It includes a GLBT-specific Seder plate, the Four GLBT Children, the Prophetess Miriam’s Cup, a Timeline of GLBT Events that parallels the Magid and much, MUCH more. This Haggadah is interactive and allows participants to color-in graphics for a unique & colorful personal touch.

The GLBT Haggadah is continually developed by JQ International in collaboration with Hebrew Union College’s Institute for Judaism & Sexual Orientation (IJSO). This Haggadah is free and available for download in .pdf format and was made possible by The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles’ (JCFLA) Cutting Edge Grant.


[LINK] Gay Answers to Passover by Jayson Littman (Humor)

As Passover approaches, I receive many emails from gay Hebrews around the world wanting to know answers about this very holiday that brings many Jews together to celebrate "that other holiday besides the High Holidays."