First Reactions

Our first entry comes from Michelle Konigsburg.

We are a group of diverse individuals meeting together to learn…from one another, about others and ourselves, about the diversity that is humanity. We are growing in understanding, shattering preconceived notions about binary definitions, learning a new language to fit our ever expanding understanding, exploring the complexities of gender definition.

We have met a couple of times…setting goals and expectations, for ourselves, and for our community. We are energetic, committed, focused on helping our Birmingham community expand its welcoming Southern Hospitality. We are about inclusion and education, about safety and sincerity. We are the Welcoming Communities Project Task Force. 

Guided by Rebecca Stapel-Wax, Executive Director and Robbie Medwed, Assistant Director, of SOJOURN, Southern Jewish Resource Network for Gender and Sexual Diversity, we have begun a challenging and rewarding journey. 

A personal reflection: It is disconcerting to realize that despite my openness and acceptance of all people as individuals, and my intention to be kind to everyone, despite my advanced education and involvement with diverse groups of people of all ages, despite my social action advocacy experiences, I am treading in territory that is more unfamiliar than I realized. And I am embracing the learning, the growing, the relationships, the possibilities.