Birmingham Task Force Spotlight: Micky Rubenstein

SOJOURN is immensely fortunate that Micky is an active member of our Birmingham Welcoming Communities Task Force.  During her 80 years in Birmingham she has steadfastly been involved in helping the Jewish community evolve.  Micky has been a driving force in helping the resettlement of Soviet Jews, providing services to Jewish seniors and the creation of Jewish Family Services. She is a humble woman who reluctantly described serving as the President of the Jewish Federation, the President of the Jewish Foundation and the President of Temple Beth-El’s Foundation but has most enjoyed her less visible volunteer work.

When Micky was asked to help bring SOJOURN to Birmingham she saw it as, “an opportunity to learn as much as participate.” SOJOURN is a perfect fit for her because she is also sensitive to the needs of youth having been very active in her children (3) and grandchildren’s (8) lives. She understands the value diversity brings, in all of its manifestations, using examples from her own family to the community at large.  Micky, in all her wisdom, believes, “there is no difference between the LBGTQ community and the rest of us except choice of partners.”

Micky’s recognizes that since she began participating in SOJOURN she is much more willing to speak up on a range of social justice issues. She has found her friends supportive of her new endeavor and glad to learn there is an effort underway to make Birmingham’s Jewish organizations even more welcoming to the LGBTQ community.   Perhaps most delightful, however, is knowing how proud her children and grandchildren are of their Mimi’s advocacy efforts!

Written by Dr. Beth Jacobs, chair of the Birmingham Welcoming Communities Task Force.